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Friday, March 17, 2006

Loyola School Swimming Pool

The Loyola School Swimming Pool is under construction (at the back of college covered courts)
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ateneo vs FEU (ADMU Won!!!)

Monday, January 23, 2006

ATENEO vs UE (UAAP Football)

UAAP Footbal Fever is here again. Yahooooo. Go Ateneo

Fr. Vic Salanga, SJ supports the Ateneo Football Team.

Thanks guys
Thursday, January 19, 2006


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shots from Ateneo-San Beda Game

Photos: Alyson Yap, Nono Felipe and Erwin Cabbab
Saturday, December 10, 2005

I found this good article by atenean_blooded at pinoy exchange:

All's fair in love and war: Rekindling the Ateneo de Manila-San Beda Rivalry

Today, December 10th, 2005, the 146th Anniversary of the Ateneo de Manila University, marks the revival of one of the most storied basketball rivalries in Philippine history: that of the Ateneo de Manila and San Beda College. At an exhibition game today at San Beda's St. Placid Gym, the Blue Eagles, after a wonderful game that went down the wire, overcame their rivals from Mendiola, 82-75.

Here, the game was played well on the court, and there was great support in the stands. The San Beda home crowd played a wonderful host--no heckling, no jeering. During the warm-ups, the bands exchanged cheers, and the large home and small visiting crowd from the Ateneo exchanged applause as the players treated everyone to an exhibition-filled warm-up routine. The game saw the bands going full blast, with both crowds not letting up. (Not even the referees were spared by both sides. Hehehehe.)

The Blue Eagles saw themselves trailing early in the first quarter, until the trio of Macky Escalona, Ronnie Bughao, and JC Intal conspired to grab the lead. San Beda's Ogie Menor showed why he was such a hot recruiting prospect, shooting 3s that kept the Blue Eagles from moving ahead. By the end of the first half, thanks to torrid shooting and smart play, the Blue Eagles found themselves up by an 18-point margin.

The halftime show was a treat. After the Blue Babble Battalion went through its routine, to the applause of the Bedan gallery, the Ateneans also applauded the entrance of the San Beda cheerleaders, red-and-white-plumed, as they performed their much-vaunted Indian Yell. In the end, again, applause from both squads.

The third quarter saw San Beda cut down the Blue Eagles' lead, and while the Ateneans struggled on offense, the Bedans and their supporters never let up. The lead was down to single digits by the time the fourth quarter began. Here, both crowds were into it. And when San Beda had cut the lead down to three, with the Indian Yell blaring from the stands, the Ateneo supporters rallied and met the Indian Yell head on with Go Ateneo and One Big Fight.

They say that there's such a thing as home court advantage. Macky Escalona, JC Intal, and the other players would have none of that. The Eagles brought the lead back up to 10, and could have kept the lead at that, but the Bedans, undaunted, rallied, and again cut the lead to three. Umpa umpa umpa umpa.

The endgame saw Ronnie Bughao, who was obviously familiar with the San Beda home court, taking to the line to take crucial free throws. Five seconds to go, and the Bedans were applauding their son, whose jersey now read a name with which their school had a shared history: Ateneo. Bughao's freethrows brought the lead back to seven, and when the final buzzer sounded, there was nothing but mutual applause from both sides and both teams. As the Song for Mary was sung by those clad in the Blue and White, the Bedans applauded and cheered. This great honor was returned by the Ateneo gallery, as the home crowd sang their alma mater hymn.

At the end, applause. A game well-played. A rivalry rekindled.

The night saw Ateneans and Bedans gathering over a dinner hosted by the San Beda Alumni Association, with all Ateneo supporters (not too many of us tonight, but enough to fill several tables) invited. The night wore on with blue and red intermingling, sharing stories, and remembering days gone by that will be revived.

The Ateneo-San Beda basketball rivalry's back, folks. And if this game is any indication, we won't be seeing any cheap shots. All is fair, after all, in love and war.

Friday, December 09, 2005




Fight Blue and White...ANIMO ATENEO


Rekindling an Old Flame
Contributed by chba_dude

27 years and counting…

Such a long time since the fabled Lion’s Den last celebrated an NCAA Men’s Basketball title. We have been in last place, in the middle of the pack and even a shot away from the title in the last 27 years. But sadly, never back on top. Where every Bedan who walked the halls of Mendiola’s sacred ground knows we belong.

Could there have been some sort of curse that has befallen our beloved Alma Mater? Perhaps an old rival who vowed that the last title would be our last? Unsettled business?

1978 was the year we last won the title. This was against the Ateneo Blue Eagles, who left the league right after the season, partly due to the rampant violence in those days. Battles between teams were settled not only on the court, but off the court as well. School pride was at its peak during those times. It came to a point where the championship game had to be played behind closed doors in the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, the Mecca of Philippine hoops in those days.

As we go on a quest to regain lost pride, there is a need to exorcise the demons that has haunted us for the past 27 years. We need to pay our respects to the gods that have missed basketball’s oldest and grandest rivalry for nearly three decades now. Also, our Bedan Indian gods need to be appeased with a reverberating Indian Yell that will shake the very foundation of the mighty Mendiola and Katipunan fortresses. And to use the vaunted yell against the very rivals who acknowledge and appreciate the formidability of the collective Bedan battlecry.

In the next two weekends, we will be given a chance to do all that.

San Beda and Ateneo will be holding a basketball dual meet on the second and third Saturday of the month of December. Using a home-and-away format, both teams will get to hold a game in their own homecourt. Projected lineups for next year (minus the probable high school recruits) will be fielded to see how their respective programs are coming along for their title quests in their respective leagues next season.

For San Beda, this is more than just a game. This is the re-introduction of the most domineering species back into the wild. To let everybody know that the mighty Red Lions are back. To become the King of the Jungle once more. With the newly-formed Red Army to fortify the quest for lost glory.

Let’s all be witness to the grandeur of an age-old rivalry that was last seen 27 years ago. For everybody to see what the true meaning of school spirit is all about. .

To quote a wise man of Bedan descent:

"This is not a social event.
This is pure unadulterated school fighting spirit.
Shift gears, for this is the warpath at hand."

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